How to Find the Right Wall Art pictures for Your Room

wall pictures for living room decor

Content - How to Find the Right Wall Art pictures for Your Room

How can you decorate the living room?

The living room is the central and often the largest room in the house. Everyday life happens here. Reading, watching TV, listening to music and simply switching off … all of this takes place in the living room. Therefore, the furnishings and decoration should also contribute to a good mood. In addition, the overall personality is reflected with the furnishings in the living room.That’s why you choose a great motif that embellishes your walls.

Wall Art pictures are of great importance for a modern decoration, because without pictures the walls are empty and a cold mood is created. To prevent this, here are some tips on how to find the perfect Wall Art pictures for the living room:

Where is the right place?

First of all, you should ask yourself how much space you have on the walls for wall Art pictures.Since the living room should not look too crowded, you should consider where the wall pictures in the living room could fit.

Also pay attention to the surroundings and orient yourself on the furniture in the living room. Pictures over the couch or over a chest of drawers are particularly popular.

What sizes are suitable for pictures in the living room?

The size of the images can then be determined depending on the available space. At ShopShok you have several different sizes to choose from. Nevertheless, you can also order other, individual sizes in consultation with us. We would be happy to advise you on this.

If you have large empty walls, for example, a panorama picture is very suitable. Also dare to hang large formats on the walls. These are particularly impressive.

Large landscapes in particular convey a feeling of nature and relaxation. This mood is then broadcast through the large format in your living room. You also have the impression of being in the landscape.

But if the walls are already covered with other furniture, you should decorate with a few small pictures. Several images can also be combined here. With similar colors or themes, combinations of images can look very modern.

What colors should you choose?

Colors influence the mood.Depending on the color, there is a certain atmosphere in a room. First you should ask yourself what mood should be created in the living room. Relaxed, happy or eye-catching?

Colors such as yellow and orange bring a happy mood. In contrast, blue and green have a harmonizing and relaxing effect.

Bright colors like red or pink can make a nice acceptance in quiet rooms.

But colors are also black or white. Because these are achromatic colors. Black and white pictures can create an exciting contrast, especially in colorful living rooms.

In general: When choosing a color, pay attention to the living room environment. The colors of the pictures in the living room should definitely harmonize with the wall color and the colors of the furnishings.

Which motifs are suitable?

To find the right motif, first browse our portfolio. You can also search for specific topics here. Abstract, landscapes or people?

Perhaps you already have a favorite motif or a certain topic, such as animal pictures or pictures of the beach? Many customers often choose photographs to which they have a personal connection, such as their favorite city or a certain celebrity.

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